Little Poly

'Little Poly' is a collaboration between myself and visual artist Rafael Vartanian, animating geometric pattern and colour to create a 3D projection mapped, sound and visual art installation.

The installation was created for Pop - Up Brighton: BYOB #5 (Bring Your Own Beamer) and was on display alongside other artists at the Brighton Dome, as part of the Brighton Digital Festival 2016. It was also exhibited at the Pop-Up Brighton: 5 Year Art Party, celebrating a number of artists across varying disciplines.

By working together, the project became a learning tool for us where myself and Rafael Vartanian were able to gain more understanding into each other's specialisms. The final piece included a loop of our animation that was projected on both sides of a polygon structure, creating an audiovisual and installation that was double sided.



Audio Visual Artist and Co - Creator: Rafael Vartanian -

Camera/ Editor: Giovanny Estrella Talentti -




Geometric Patterns: Illustrator

Animation: After Effects

Sound: Logic

3D mapping software: Millumin

Polygon Structure: MDF

Installation: Optoma DS349 Long throw office projectors.


Cover Photo ©Pop-Up Brighton 2016

An annual event of collaborative moving image, projection, participation and experimentation.
Film made by - Helen Plumb - Music by - Mount Bank -

Footage of the set up and the installations at Bring Your Own Beamer BYOB from Irie Pixels - Sergej Novosad.
An annual show by Pop-Up Brighton at Brighton Dome.