Music: Collaborative Commissions

A collection of EP designs, created in response to listening to the artists’ music and working with them collaboratively to translate thoughts and feelings into visuals.

Momotaro: A 3 - Piece downtempo / indie / electronica band based in Brighton, UK.

Drawing inspiration from the surrounding nature and backdrop of Brighton, the artwork for Momotaro’s album ‘Between Places’ was created to reflect themes of transition, nature and growth. With the 3 piece having spent their last years coming together as a band and maturing in sound.


Salmon Friends: Singer / Songwriter Sam Caviglia from Vancouver, BC.

In an exchange of international video calls and challenging time zones, I worked closely with Sam in order to illustrate the artwork for his album ‘Forever Embedded’. Together we discussed his life experience and musical journey shaped by this, to create the final outcome.


Mara Simpson: British musician and story-teller, currently based in Brighton, UK.

I worked closely with Mara to produce the artwork for her debut album ‘285 days’.

Taking themes present within her music and dissecting her beautiful storytelling, I created four illustrations that layer upon one another to combine narratives of dark and light, with stories told of life, death, love and the everyday.


Momotaro -

Mara Simpson -

Salmon Friends -


All original illustrations hand drawn using pencil, Copic Multiliner and Sakura Pigma Micron archival ink fineliners.

All final images edited and coloured on Adobe Photoshop.